Moving is often seen as tedious, tiring, and expensive. But there are tips and tricks that can make the process a bit more seamless, organized and help you properly prep for unpacking. Here are our 20 best packing and unpacking life hacks to make moving into your new home easy!

  1. Roll instead of fold your clothes for more space.
  2. Put spices in pots for easy travel.
  3. Cut pool noodles lengthwise and wrap around your picture frames.
  4. Label wires with tape and take a picture before unplugging.
  5. Use egg cartons to organize and store loose jewelry.
  6. Designate a specific-colored sticker or Post-It® note to place on packed boxes to represent which room they belong in.
  7. Pack a separate essentials bag for easily accessible necessities.
  8. Pack priority items in a clear bin so they’re easy to find and you know those need to be unpacked first.
  9. Use socks to protect glassware.
  10. Cross rubber bands over door handles to prevent getting locked out.
  11. Create cut-out handles in boxes by using a box cutter.
  12. Find cardboard boxes from local stores in your area.
  13. Schedule disconnect dates and times for utilities.
  14. Pack non-essentials like decorations well in advance.
  15. Use small boxes for heavy items.
  16. Keep sandwich bags close to use for small screws and miscellaneous pieces.
  17. Download a moving app to assist with a variety of moving needs.
  18. Keep all contact numbers for your utility companies at both locations handy.
  19. Drain all liquids such as gasoline, oil, and water from equipment like lawn mowers to prevent spills during transportation.
  20. Flatten used moving boxes and store out of the way for future use. You can also donate or recycle them.

As you start the moving process, you’ll figure out what works best for you and your specific needs. Hopefully, these tips will give you peace of mind and act as a guide for easy reference. And, now that you’re a moving expert, maybe it’s time to find your dream home and start moving your boxes into a brand new Brown Homes home!