Our team members here at Brown Homes never fail to amaze us due to their experience, integrity, continuous desire to learn, and terrific work ethic. Every member plays a significant role and is another piece to the puzzle of how we manage to achieve greatness within the homebuilding industry.

Heather Foreman, our Director of Administration and Managing Coordinator, knows just what it means to be a part of an industry that never quits. She is the “go-to gal” for all of our contract administration needs!

Hi Heather, I appreciate you taking the time today to answer some questions about yourself and for allowing our audience to get to know what goes on behind the scenes! To start, describe your role here at Brown Homes and what experience you bring to the company.

“As Director of Administration, my position oversees all contract documentation. I work with lenders and title companies to see our sales through to closing and I provide and compile information for our Public Reports to open sales in new communities. I have been in the real estate industry for nearly 30 years – either in sales or support – with the last 7 years spent in the builder business.”

That’s amazing! With all your experience in this industry, what do you enjoy most about your work?

“I enjoy working with our incredible team! We all work hard and together to build dream homes for our customers. It makes me happy when I call our sales team to let them know a home has closed and they can call our buyers to get the keys.”

If you could have a celebrity best friend, who would it be and why?

“My celebrity friend…hmmm, Julia Roberts. I find her to be very funny with an infectious laugh. She also seems really down to earth and giving.”

That is a fantastic answer! I wouldn’t have thought about her. Where would your dream vacation be?

“My dream vacation would be Bora Bora. I have always wanted to stay in one of those over-the-water bungalows where I could look down into that incredible blue water.”

What are you most looking forward to in the future with Brown Homes?

“I look forward to continuing to work with Brown Homes and watch our team and communities grow throughout the state!”