Whether you’re already a homeowner or looking to buy a new home, knowing the ins and outs of your purchase is important. Being informed about the many aspects of your home allows you to manage, evaluate, and make decisions that best suit you. Many home buyers are unaware of the HERS rating and what the benefits of having a HERS rated home are.

HERS stands for the “Home Energy Rating System” which rates homes on how energy efficient they are. This scale ranges from 0, being the most energy efficient, to 150 which is the least efficient score. According to the Resnet HERS Index, the average score for a new home is 100 and meets the current industry standard. Being able to reference this scale not only provides greater insight into what you should look for in a new home, but also uncovers ways to improve your current home’s energy efficiency.

As a result, having or creating an energy efficient home can benefit your finances and lower your carbon footprint!

Here are 5 reasons why HERS-rated homes are better when compared to non-rated homes:

  1. Energy efficient homes provide greater comfortability, lower utility costs, and a more environmentally friendly build.
  2. Energy costs play a large role in the affordability of a home and being energy efficient only helps lower the overall spending.
  3. Provides an objective tool that homeowners and buyers can use to help compare homes, creating space to make more informed decisions.
  4. Low HERS rated homes typically have a higher appraisal value, which mean you get more out of your purchase.
  5. Having a lower energy efficiency score can lower the risk of mortgage defaults.

If you are in the market to buy a newly constructed home, it’s in your best interest to consider a builder who prioritizes the energy efficiency of their homes. On the other hand, if you are a homeowner in an older home there are ways to make your home more efficient, which include: updating/installing insulation, investing in a new air conditioner, and consulting with a qualified contractor who is able to inspect areas where you could be saving money.

A HERS rating is only one of many factors that are important to consider when searching for your next home. When you’re ready to dig deeper, a Brown Homes community representative will be happy to help you understand and compare all the elements that go into choosing a home (and home builder) to best meet your individual needs.

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